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CDIS-KARM have a proud history of successful design and project management for many leading clients, however as with any service relationship we are mindful that this situation can only prosper by achieving your required service level.

One of our unique selling points at CDIS-KARM is our understanding of the sustainable, economic, environmental and social responsibilities that face us and our clients and our ability to incorporate these aspects through the design process bringing moral and financial gains for the client and their customers.

All CDIS-KARM designs will indicate the impact on the environment in the form of Energy Consumption Per Meal compared to the benchmark laid down in CIBSE Guide TM50: 2009, Kg of CO₂ per day, amount of carbon per year so you know the impact your operation is having on the environment, and more importantly the cost of running the design.

Over the years CDIS-KARM have gained the reputation of being able to deal with high volume feeding establishments.

We strongly believe that the smaller operations would also benefit from our experience as the only place the owner operator gets hit is in his/her pocket!


CDIS-KARM - The design consultants with a proven history of successful project and procurement management.


Sustainable Catering Design

Does Not Cost The Earth