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CDIS-KARM are recognised as the leading catering design consultancy in the field of sustainability, energy awareness, environmental and social impact, and have helped their like minded clients achieve significant results in their catering operations.

We have gained vast experience over the years designing and project managing facilities for caterers, ranging from fast food takeaways and coffee bars to commercial canteens and staff restaurants, Michelin star restaurants, educational establishments and MOD catering. We are confident that any client looking for innovation coupled with achieving their social, economic and environmental responsibilities will feel sure that their project is in safe hands and that we will produce a facility that will be well received and appreciated by all concerned.

By engaging CDIS-KARM as your catering design consultant you are taking the first step of turning your vision into a reality and at the same time you are taking on board a professional organisation that can help guide you through the complicated route from those initial ideas to the first served meal. But be prepared, providing an unbiased professional service sometimes means that you are employing us to tell you things you donít want to hear!

In March 2006 CDIS-KARM formed a voluntary group which evolved into The Catering for a Sustainable Future Group (CSFG). The CSFG is a voluntary organisation, formed from people within the UK catering industry interested in developing ideas and initiatives to promote energy savings and sustainability in commercial kitchens, in the face of growing public awareness of this issue. Unfortunately this organisation has since disbanded.


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